At the Meet

Please be on time for all meets - at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled time on fixture card.  The time on your fixture card designates the time the hounds will be cast.

Always inform your field master if you wish to leave the field.  They must keep track of everyone behind them in case of an accident.

Professionals and barns are required to prepare a list of riders and their horses to be given to the secretary before the hunt begins.  They are to present their capping fee, sign releases and introduce their riders to the secretary.

Do not block driveways, roads, etc. with your trailer.  Be considerate of others.

Do not sweep trailers out on parking lots or private property.  Be considerate of our landowners.

Always give a greeting to masters and staff.  They have worked hard to make your day safe and fun.

If you are riding another horse other than your usual, inform the secretary.

At the end of the day, follow the hounds back to the hound truck and remain there until the hounds have finished their reward and are safely back in the truck.  Thank your Masters and staff for the day’s sport.

Capping with the Smithtown Hunt

If you are interested in learning more about hunting with The Smithtown Hunt, we encourage you to come capping with us.  Please contact the Hunt Phone at (631) 723-3129.

On the day of the ride, mark an envelope with your name, address, telephone number, emergency contact, and email address.  Enclose your capping fee in the envelope along with with the date of the ride, your horse’s name and your signed release (Adult Release, Minor Release).   Give the envelope to the Hunt Secretary before the ride.

  • Cappers are permitted to hunt with the permission of the Masters.
  • Clean and neat English show attire is appropriate for cappers.
  • Cappers must check-in with the Honorary Secretary at the meet.
  • Capping fee: Sundays $90 for Senior, $45 Junior.
    Wednesdays $75 for Senior, $30 Junior.
    Opening and Closing Hunts $120 for Senior, $50 for Junior.
    Thanksgiving and New Years Day Hunts $120 for Senior, $50 for Junior.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • It is essential that gates be closed and damage to fences promptly repaired and reported to the Masters of the Hunt or the Hunt Secretary. The field should stay together to avoid damage to crops and fields.
  • Please review At the Meet for attire and information on fox hunting.

Download the appropriate release here and bring it to the meet.  

If you would like to hire a horse for any hunt, please contact:

Honorary Secretary, Christa Duva

354 Eastport Manor Road

Manorville, NY  11949 

Hunt Phone: 631-723-3129  

Jenny Guzzi
1240 Sycamore Ave.
Bohemia, NY  11716


Don’t exaggerate or overplay falls or accidents to create any impression that this is a regular occurrence.  This can lead to bad public relations for the Smithtown Hunt and for fox hunting in general.

Speak of fox hunting in a positive manner to give a good impression of it. Stress its pageantry, healthful exercise, its traditions of hundreds of years and its national and international brotherhood.

If you or your horse tires, wave riders by quickly so they do not lose the hunt.

If your horse quits a fence, pull to the side and wait until everyone has jumped and then you jump.  The hunt field is not a schooling area.

Green horses should always start in second flight, and then gradually move to the end of first flight at the appropriate time

If your horse kicks, it should be flagged with a red ribbon and ridden at the rear of the field.  The hunt field is no place for a kicker.

Keep good distance between yourself and the horse in front of you.  This is for your safety and theirs.

Don’t approach the huntsman in the field.  If he needs help, the field master will send someone.  Stay away from the hounds at a check. Permission from the field master must be granted before you can approach the huntsman or a staff member.

Never interfere with a hound by using your voice or a whip.

It is imperative that each of us respects every acre we ride on. Without the landowners we would not have our sport.  Respect newly seeded fields and seedlings.  Always track!

No one is permitted to ride on hunt country on non hunting days.  The hunt has permission to ride as a group on specific days, many times by permit only.

If anyone damages a jump, please report it to the field master at the next check.

At the end of the day always thank your Masters and staff and wait for all the hounds to be put back in the hound truck before you return to your trailer.


The Master of Foxhounds – MFH is the person or persons responsible for the kennels and showing good sport in the field. They run the day to day operations of the hunt.  They work with landowners to preserve the land hunted on, and are responsible for carrying out the mission of the hunt, membership and both riding and tea events.

The Huntsman is the person who controls the hounds in the field to give a good day’s sport.  They give directions to the whippers-in in the field, and know each hound by name, color, markings and ability in the field.

The Whippers-in are staff members who assist the huntsman in the control of the hounds in the field and the kennels.  They are also responsible to walk hounds during and after the hunt season.  They assist the huntsman in exhibitions, parades and hound shows.

The Field Master is the person who leads the field in the pursuit of the fox (scent) to keep up with the hounds, but keeping a safe distance from the staff and hounds at work.

The Field consists of members and cappers who are riding with the hunt that day.

Cappers are invited guests riding with the hunt that day.

For the Horse

Horses must be properly groomed and fit.

Horses must be braided for Opening and Closing Hunts, Parades, Exhibitions, Hunter Trials, and The Smithtown Hunt Horse Show.  Yarn should be the color of the horse’s mane with the exception of St. Patrick’s Day parade which may be green.

Red ribbon or tape should be tied on the tail of a horse that kicks.  A green ribbon on the tail of a green horse.  However, a red and green ribbon on the tail of a green horse that kicks.  Kickers should always be at the end of the field.

Horses should be clipped for winter hunting.

Tack should be clean and in good repair.

Dark rubber reins are permitted.

White contoured saddle pads.   No square pads.

Plain flat hunting bridle – no fancy stitching.  Caveson required.

Hunting breastplates and martingales are optional.

English leather saddles.

Leather girths are preferable but string and web are permissible.

For the Rider

Positions in the Field:

1. Seniors with colors.   Those with seniority ride first in line.   Sharing this position is encouraged.  

2.  Seniors without colors and Juniors with buttons follow seniors.

3. Junior members without buttons. 

4. Senior cappers.

5. Junior cappers.

Members who bring out guests are responsible to ride with their guests in the rear of the flight that their guest is qualified to ride. 

Visiting masters are always invited to ride forward behind the field master.  Visiting staff is invited to ride with the whippers-in or huntsman upon their request.

Familiar Calls

Hold Hard – means stop where you are!  It is signaled by a vertically raised forearm.  Raise your own arm to alert riders behind you.

Track means to ride single file.

Ware hounds, huntsman, whip, etc.  means they have the right of way.  Make room for them to pass.  If reversing, turn your horses head to passersby.

Quiet means exactly that – Quiet!!

When riding first or second flight, you are expected to keep up.  Guests who are unsure of their mounts should start in second flight.  Inform your field master if you wish to move up.


 If you are interested in giving a tea, speak to the tea chairperson for open dates.

No one is to be served until a Master opens the tea.  The correct order of service is Masters, Secretary, Staff, followed by Seniors, Juniors, Cappers and then non-riders.

Remember to thank your host/hostess and offer to help with clean up if possible.  Teas are given at the personal expense of your host/hostess, not The Smithtown Hunt.

Wednesdays are open teas, bring one of your favorite dishes to share.