Longwood Meet 11/12/17

Smithtown Hunt hounds and riders met at Longwood Road, Brookhaven on 11/12/17. Temperatures tried to break the 50 degree  mark but didn’t quite make it. The sun convinced our group that it wasn’t all that frigid despite the ice skin on the puddles.  Hounds treated us to a 5.6 mile course of beautiful music for nearly two hours interspersed with brief checks. Territory included our native Long Island scrub oak and the occasional pine.  We were so pleased to see terrific success with two particular riders.

Stacy Zacharides describes her horse, Gold, as follows:

“An OTTB War Horse. He had 56 starts, not including his trainings. He was first or second in almost half of them (24), earning $248,000. His last race was February, 2017. He isn’t off the track a year yet. He is 7 years old, and has raced consecutively his whole life, up until the end of February this year, when I got him. It’s been a struggle trying to un-train something that has been instilled in him his whole life, but our partnership is growing stronger and stronger each day.”

Stacy’s megawatt grin told all we needed to know about Gold’s excellent behavior for his first hunt.

Our friend, Peter Kelsey whom we’ve missed dearly recently, was out and smiling. He rode a huge, stunning warmblood who’s “deportment” was nothing short of outstanding. It certainly would be a pleasure to see more of this twosome at future meets.

Author: Cathleen A. Springer, DCSH



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